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Montreal dating agency mikkeli

montreal dating agency mikkeli

the remaining two years of the war. Hartling, who later described his time as prime minister as "horrible quit Danish politics in 1978 to become UN high commissioner for refugees and held the Geneva-based office during two consecutive periods to 1985. 17, 1943 prime minister (1928-31, 1934-36) and president (1941-43) of Syria. Hardjadinata, (Mohamad) Sanusi (b. A cousin of Marshal Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque, he served in many posts abroad before becoming secretary-general of the French High Commission in the Levant in 1940.

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By 1981, when he made the mistake of leading an investment mission overseas, the Liberals were in a state of near panic and he had little choice but to resign on his return. After Sukarno's ouster in 1967, Hatta opposed many aspects of the new regime established by President Suharto. 1906, Utrecht, Netherlands -. May 28, 1872, Christiania now Oslo, Norway -. Harland, (William) Bryce (b. 9, 1943, Hartland,.B. 12, 2008, Salt Lake City, Utah mayor of Salt Lake City (1975-76). He incurred the wrath of his Anschluss co-supporters for his part in the negotiation of the Treaty of Lana with Czechoslovakia (1922 an agreement primarily directed against the possibilities of a Habsburg restoration but that also was seen as a barrier to Austrian-German union. In 1917-30 he was also foreign minister. president of the United States (1921-23). 19, 1993 foreign minister of Japan (1976-77 son of Ichiro Hatoyama. July 23, 1967, Buenos Aires Argentine diplomat. Hannay of Chiswick, David (Hugh Alexander) Hannay, Baron (b. The UNP lost power in the 1994 general elections, but Hameed was a key player for the party in efforts to find a solution to end the ethnic crisis in the war-ravaged country.


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In 1924 he became finance minister in the government of Takaaki Kato and then minister of home affairs. Hartling Hartling, Poul (b. Haultain Haultain, Sir Frederick W(illiam) A(plin) G(eorge) (b. Halverson, Bob, byname of Robert George Halverson (b. Being an army commander of Gen. March 23, 1985, Washington,.C. 10, 1936, Maribo, Denmark Danish diplomat. When massive anti-government demonstrations erupted in Prague in November 1989, Havel became the leading figure in the Civic Forum, which was a new coalition of non-Communist opposition groups pressing for democratic reforms.

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Hammond, James H(enry) (b. May 15, 1980 prime minister of Iceland (1970-71). July 6, 1925, Sydney,.S.W. 4, 2009, Niigata prefecture, Japan Japanese diplomat. premier of Alberta (2014). After an indecisive electoral outcome, the contest was thrown to the Congress, in which apra was the leading party. Haddon-Cave, Sir (Charles) Philip (b. On April 10, 1953, five months after the resignation of Trygve Lie of Norway as secretary-general, Hammarskjöld was elected to the office for a term of five years. He was minister to Mexico (1909-11) and Sweden (1912-18).

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