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Boris Johnson knew a certain amount about his diverse family background, but was intrigued by several family stories and mysteries.

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That said Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, on the 21st day of February, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight, at Washington in the District of Columbia, did commit, and was guilty of a high misdemeanor in office, in this: That without authority of law, while the Senate of the United States was then and there in session, he did appoint one Lorenzo Thomas to be Secretary for the Department of War, ad interimwithout the advice and consent of the Senate, and in violation of the Constitution of the United States, no vacancy having happened in said office of Secretary for the Department of War during the recess of the Senate, and no vacancy existing in said office at the time, and which said appointment so made by Andrew Johnson of said Lorenzo Thomas is in substance as follows, that is to say:?

Their research and translation on the ground was invaluable.

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Sinan's father, Zeki, was Ali's youngest son from his second marriage and had stayed in Turkey. Searching for personal s of a well-known political, historical or criminal event involving a family member can uncover poignant and dramatic testimonies. Ben Fortna and Boris look at the Ikdam article, and realise its implications Ben took Boris to the Beyazid Library in Istanbul to see some of the original articles that Ali Kemal wrote in a newspaper called Ikdam, and used his translation skills to decipher them.

Firstly we had to investigate how controversial Boris' great-grandfather had been as a journalist, and we set out to find copies of Ali's newspaper columns. Before his trip to Turkey, Boris had been given a bundle of personal documents and letters relating to his grandfather's side of the family.

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A short letter from the Home Office, found amongst papers belonging to Stanley, was the key. Whereby said Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, did then and there commit, and was guilty JJohnson a high misdemeanor in office. Was it Charles Sumner? We knew that Ali's arrest and death had been fairly high profile, especially as the authorities had sanctioned his arrest but not his killing.

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Amongst these papers Boris found an amazing written by Ali's eldest child, Celma, of a dramatic night when Ali had to flee for his life on a boat. There was a Judas, and he was one of the twelve Apostles. Our main clues were that Ali, like Boris, had been both a journalist and a politician. It was crucial for Boris to understand the historical context of the time, and to find out exactly what Ali had been writing and doing.

Boris went to meet historian Dr Ahmet Kuyas at Galatasaray University who was able to shed light on Ali's sudden and short-lived ministerial role in Turkey's government, and also explained one of the key political decisions that led to his death.

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And in pursuance of said declaration, the said Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, afterwards, to wit: On the 21st day of Februaryat the city of Washington, D. He knew that Ali Kemal had been lynched by a mob in the s, but didn't really know anything about the context of his life and death.

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The article stated that because of their views eight people, including Ali himself, had been named as targets for public hanging. He returned to writing opinionated articles challenging the tactics of the nationalists. Libraries, whether local or national, are a fantastic source of newspaper articles and historical documents. Sinan re the witness of Ali Kemal's arrest, interrogation and murder With some local research assistance, Boris's cousin Sinan found an astonishing first-hand of the arrest, interrogation and mob killing of Ali Kemal.

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Dr Ahmet Kuyas reveals the political decision that ultimately led to Ali's death Dr Kuyas explained how world events enabled Ali to return to politics. Thomas to be Secretary of War ad interimby issuing to said Lorenzo Thomas a letter of authority, in substance as follows, that is to say: Executive Mansion, Washington, D.

We have seen this Congress pretend to be for the Union, when its every step and act tended to perpetuate disunion and make a disruption of States inevitable. Judas Iscariot? Nelson, Judge from Tennessee William S.

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Fond you read the speeches that were made, and take up the facts on the Friday and Saturday before that convention sat, you will find that speeches were made incendiary in their character, exciting that portion of the population, the black population, to arm themselves and prepare for the shedding of blood. Yes, that I was a traitor. More ificantly though, we also knew that Ali had been active during a controversial and turbulent period in Johnsonn history. Had she not, the current Mayor of London would be Boris Kemal!

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The British Library website also lists a selection of the library catalogues around the world which are freely available online see Johnsln Links. Have they done anything to restore the union of the States? Stanton, by reason of the premises, on said 21st day of February, was lawfully entitled to hold said office of Secretary for the Department of War, which said order for the removal of said Edwin M.

In this case, that at St. Travelling to where an ancestor lived can be an obvious way of continuing an investigation into a relative's past. Fond innocuous business letters can provide a way of working out the events and relationships that have defined a family's identity or an Johnwon life story. Reading or hearing personal testimony in the place where events took place is a powerful way of bringing to life the experience of relatives.

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He was particularly keen to investigate stories associated with the relatives of his paternal grandparents. But, God willing, with your help, I will veto their measures whenever any of them come to me. For Boris's search we used a combination of researchers and academics based in the UK and in Istanbul.

Respectfully, yours, Andrew Johnson. Dr Kuyas showed Boris a government circular issued by Ali which later proved to be a serious political mistake. Executive Mansion, Washington, D.

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We have seen a Congress in a minority assume to exercise power which, if allowed to be consummated, would result in despotism or monarchy itself. That the said Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, unmindful of the high duties of his office and his oath of office, and in disregard of the Constitution and laws of the United States, did, heretofore, to wit: On the 18th day of August,at the city of Washington, and in the District of Columbia, by public speech, declare and affirm in substance, that the Thirty-ninth Congress of the United States was not a Congress of the United States authorized by the Constitution to exercise legislative power under the same, but on the contrary, was a Congress of only part of the States, thereby denying and intending to deny, that the legislation of said Congress was valid or obligatory upon him, the said Andrew Johnson, except in so far as he saw fit to approve the same, and also thereby denying the power of the said Thirty-ninth Congress to propose amendments to the Constitution of the United States.

Meeting up with relatives, especially those beyond the immediate family, is a great way to learn more about your ancestors. As he continued to read, Boris was shocked to learn that a few days after Ali's escape, the other seven men were duly hanged. In fact, at that time, another opposition journalist with a similar political position to Ali was assassinated by the nationalists.

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But Congress, factions and domineering, had undertaken to poison the minds of the American people. That said Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, on the 22nd day of February, in the year of our Lordat Washington, in the District of Columbia, in disregard of the Constitution and the law of Congress duly enacted, as Commander-in-Chief, did bring before himself, then and there, William H.

Overlooking the river, Boris learned that Ali was forced to flee suddenly in disguise having read an article in a newspaper.