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ALFA initially worked to fill a social void for and to offer a political voice to Atlanta lesbians, publicizing its efforts through a self-produced monthly newsletter, the Atalanta. Over the years, as the political and cultural climate changed and lesbians created new avenues through which to pursue their interests, ALFA struggled to find a clear and unique sense of purpose; this historically telling struggle is well-documented by ALFA itself, in minutes and mailings to its membership. In spite of its eventual decision to disband, ALFA remains known as one of the oldest lesbian feminist organizations in the United States, and a pioneer in the fight for lesbian, gay, and women's rights. The library and archives, which provided a material link between ALFA and other progressive movements and organizations throughout the world, included the archival records of ALFA and several other southern feminist groups; a massive collection of feminist, lesbian, and activist periodicals; and a circulating library of feminist and gay and lesbian books. ALFA disbanded in after over 20 years of Southern feminist activism.

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The Christian groups called off their boycott last year. One group, the Radicalesbians, issued "The Woman Identified Woman" paper, arguing that lesbianism was not merely a matter of sexual preference. It is organizing workshops with the national gay chamber of commerce.

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These materials are, however, available to researchers who use the collection on site at the Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Special Collections Library at Duke University. Moreover, they offer a deep vein to researchers interested in the complex interplay of social, political, and cultural organizations that constitute communities in civil society. American Airlines and its HR people helped a year-old pilot - an ex-Marine and Vietnam combat veteran - go from being Robert to Bobbi.

Format : Such artifacts as audiocassettes, t-shirts, and so forth that are technically part Soutj the collection obviously do not fall within the purview of this microfilm collection. Ian Lekus Footnotes 1 James T. Additionally, the Periodicals Collection contains most of the run of The Ladder, the preeminent lesbian serial of the late s and the s, which was published by the Daughters of Bilitis. Historians, sociologists, and political scientists will be able to make extensive use of the Periodicals, as will scholars from programs in women, gender, and sexuality studies, cultural studies, and library and information science.

Historians, sociologists, and political scientists will be able to make extensive use of the Archives, as will scholars from programs in women, gender, and sexuality studies, cultural studies, and library and information science.

Gable South Carolina lesbian sex

The run of Lesbian News, published in Los Angeles, illustrates this contested evolution. So while some lesbian-feminists strongly denounced pornography for denigrating and exploiting women, others argued just as vigorously for the freedom of sexual expression. Cincinnati is not one of them.

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Morgan Chase, Lehman Bros. Years earlier he'd come out only to a few friends and co-workers; his best friend from high school never spoke to him again. ALFA initially worked to fill a social void for and to offer a political voice to Atlanta lesbians, publicizing its efforts through a self-produced monthly newsletter, the Atalanta. Five issues of the Susan Saxe Defense Committee Newsletter, published in support of the lesbian whose arrest on charges related to her involvement in anti-imperialist revolutionary movements, prompted heated controversy among feminist activists in the mids.

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Prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, he says, interferes with other people's rights to be guided by their own moral values when deciding, for example, whether to rent an apartment to a same-sex couple or hire homosexuals in their business. As a high-profile supporter of gay rights, Raytheon of course provides health-care benefits to the domestic partners of its gay employees.

ALFA members made concerted efforts to collect lesbian and gay community publications from across Georgia and the greater Southeast. The ALFA Archives offer ample opportunity for scholars to explore the intersections between political and cultural organizing. IBM persuaded Dr.

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He sat in the audience watching himself. Some gay men object to ing the abortion rights coalition, prompting protest from feminist members both women and men of MACGLO. Otherwise, permission was requested for every individual periodical to reproduce in microform. The company writes more prescriptions for AIDS-related drugs than any other pharmacy chain.

Minor rearrangement and consolidation of some of the ALFA records and subject files helped to reduce confusion and highlight areas of strength. Topics represented include civil rights legislation and court cases, questions of race and class, AIDS and other health concerns and crises, sexual assault and domestic violence, urban and rural community building, ecology and nuclear power, international solidarity movements and the rights of women and sexual minorities across the globe, disabilities, religion and spirituality, self-defense Souuth the martial arts, sports, aging, pornography and sexual expression, music, poetry and prose, satire and other forms of humor, and student and youth issues.

It offered domestic-partner benefits in Christian conservatives were aghast. Whether it's ethnicity, gender or GLBT, people are our top asset. To Bentonville, Ark. Beyond the Peach State, the SFLA collected newspapers from southern cities such as Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and Tuscaloosa; the nearly complete run of The Gaze, a Memphis gay newspaper, is one especially rich example of this type.

Both published in New York, GAA lobbied for mainstream acceptance and looked unfavorably upon feminist and gay liberation politics, while gay anarchists published Gay Clone. Gabriner also wrote Craolina occasion for the gay press, helping lesbiab an alternative media and give voice to issues rarely if ever covered by mainstream journalists.

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Particularly well-documented are the labors of lesbians and gay men in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast to create Carollna own religious institutions and communities. Think about that: Homosexuality, once a career-killing secret, has become enough of a competitive advantage in some circles that certification is needed to deter straight people from passing as gay.

Ferraro listened. The extensive subject files, which are a part of ALFA's archives, document scores of other feminist, lesbian, and activist organizations and events as well as provide information on a broad range of feminist and lesbian issues. They organize.

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Format This guide lists materials in the order in which they appear on the reels. Introduction to Part 4: Periodicals Collection Civil Writes: Movement Publishing and the Atlanta Lesbian Feminist Alliance Periodicals Collection, Scholarship on modern American feminism, the history of sexuality, and social justice organizing in the United States since the s cannot be considered complete without taking into Souhh politics and culture generated by lesbian feminists.

Hardwick decision. Atalanta kept the community abreast of the latest local, regional, national, ,esbian international news.

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Changers and the Changing In accordance with its broad mission for social justice, ALFA members collected periodicals from anti-racist, international solidarity, environmental, and lewbian activist organizations with whom they were likely to form coalitions. Think Globally, Archive Locally Not surprisingly, the Periodicals Collection holdings pertaining to the Atlanta metropolitan area are especially rich.

Gable South Carolina lesbian sex

Today the Washington-based gay chamber, which has 24, members, certifies small businesses as gay-owned so that they can qualify for supplier-diversity programs at big companies. Women also dedicated themselves to reimagining the divine, often by exploring ancient matriarchal and earth-centered religions. Cultural Politics, Cultural Communities The politics of cultural lsebian are deeply represented in the archives.