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The work that he did in our community was truly transformative. He started with fun, meaningful drawing workshops and assemblies. In these assemblies he oLoking students and faculty to his Lookin as an artist: to spread kindness and happiness throughout the world. He encouraged and inspired students to create their own drawings and characters, tapping into their creativity, and encouraging them to take risks - no erasing! Then he set to work on the mural!

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Every time someone new comes to our building, they want to know about the work that our students have done on our walls.

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The characters developed during the fifth grade workshop were drawn into a large wall mural by Bren during the week. I could not have hoped for a better presentation of the students' ideas, representation of our town, and color! Bren taught the students to be proud of their work and show that they too could draw MMassachusetts an artist. We miss Bren, and hope he is able to visit again one day.

He is a positive, fun, and creative force who infused our school with a sense of inclusivity and kindness. When I first talked with Bren, I knew he was exactly what we needed for our school.

Looking for a smile Boston Massachusetts wi

Is it worth the investment? Looking around at how engaged and excited about art my students were brought tears to my eyes. Art is an essential component of education and of the human experience in general. He was in constant contact with me to ensure everything was in place Massachusetst his assurance of how fun, positive, and energetic this experience would be, exceeded our expectations.

Our Fifth graders were the luckiest of all as they brainstormed the theme for a mural in a central corridor.

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I always wanted to write you, but somehow things always got in the way. Bren's ability to engage all students during his assembly was simply amazing.

Bren brought his talents to the Gibbons School this past week. This year our school made social emotional learning a priority and the PTF wanted a way for those efforts to be represented through art. As Bren worked Lookong the week in the main corridor, students stopped to admire his work and share a few words with him. Students and teachers will stop in front and discuss the words as a class.

He goes above and beyond what is expected of an artist. You truly inspired a whole classroom of students to embrace their artistic side and draw.

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She wanted to discuss how her parents were from the Phillipines as well. I will be passing on fot love and generosity for sure.

Looking for a smile Boston Massachusetts wi

We have had an incredible amount of compliments on the mural. After Bren left, my students continued to draw cor characters in their spare time and talk excitedly about Mr. Bren was professional, organized, and patient while working with us to plan his residency.

The creative possibilities are endless! Every child felt as if their sketches mattered and that they had input into the larger school mural.

Give kids a smile

Hoodoo you love? In Each Other Dan Murray, Principal T. His "no mistakes" motto is one I am always trying to drive in to the. We had a Literacy Night event during the week, and Bren was able to talk with parents, and even let some of the parents and teachers help paint color on some of the characters. Thank you again for smiel your talent with us. I found your painting in in Chicago in front of the George Washington Library.

With our 8th graders, he taught them how to craft their own characters which he lovingly morphed into a beautiful mural which incorporated our school motto. He made each student feel important by ing an autograph, accepting a drawing they may have done for him and even remembering some students names! But this trip will aways be my favorite. They were so inspired! As Bren worked on the mural, students stopped by and commented on his work and he drew them into conversation. Because of Bren Bataclan, my students have had an experience that they will never forget.

Each student in the school created a piece of artwork and Bren incorporated their des into the actual mural. After reviewing his website and speaking with him I knew we must get him smike North Street! Thank you so much Bren! He drew lots of pictures that afternoon.

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Thank you, Bren; we are still smiling at Fisher. Bren was patient and kind with the many students that wanted to speak with him as he was working to finish w mural, and ensured each one was heard.

My boys Evan, 4 the patient and Michael, 11 and I had a wonderful time with you, and learned a new game. Picture 18 high school students, tired after lunch and a full morning of classes, itching to take out their phones and send one last text, thinking about the test or quiz later in the day, or what their friend just told them in the hallway.

Bren is a true treasure! The mural he created fills the Bostoh wall of our cafeteria lighting up the room with bright characters that will be enjoyed for years to come!

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Massachusftts presented to the entire school, gave a drawing workshop to my fifth grade students, and then completed a beautiful, colorful, and happy mural in our kindergarten hallway. The students in small groups, Loojing given characters to draw with each student ased to draw an individual component. He communicates his ideas in a way that is accessible to everyone. Bren and I started corresponding and he informed me of his week long residencies.

I am not sure I can put into words how alive and excited everyone was during the week.

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As you could tell, the students absolutely loved learning how to draw your characters and then sharing their own artwork with the group up on the "big screen"! Just like the feeling my own children felt after their time with Bren, our students and staff at Elm St.

Bren taught the children to draw his characters which they continue to do, weeks after his residency and then helped them work collaboratively to draw characters that would represent what they value in their school. The students and teachers were completely taken with Bren's presentation. Thanks for the inspirations!