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Worsley corrects the perception that the revolution was spearheaded by starving peasants — mais non, it was the bourgeoisie — and contends that the guillotine was invented as an egalitarian mode of execution rather than instrument of terror. She concedes that history is comprised of yonight cacophony of voices offering competing s. A compelling introduction that whets the appetite for a closer look. Feelgood surprises are promised to make up for the lack of cheering crowds en route.

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John Candy was a more boisterous figure whose fine run of box-office hits peaked with Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

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People like me had to find ways to identify with these politicians who were, supposedly, representing our interests. I'm drawn to many of her political positions, but not all of them, and celebrate her standing as the first woman of color on a major-party ticket. You don't have to be Black to identify with anger. The by-turns arrogant, patronising and intense management are played by experienced hands including Sarah Parish, Derek Riddell and Ken Leung, while sex, drugs and financial jargon feature prominently.

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The dream-within-a-dream plotting is bewildering whisper it: total nonsensebut it all looks dazzling, and the cast, from Tom Hardy to Ellenis equally starry. Historian Lucy Worsley bravely contends that the Battle of Waterloo was more of a Prussian victory than a British one in her series upending historical assumptions. The programme also follows other British Jews whose ancestors survived the Holocaust but who carried scars — literal and emotional — that infected subsequent generations.

Leftover Women Sky Documentaries, 9pm Unmarried women in China are frequently cast aside by society and their families as they approach their late twenties. Shattering tknight hopes of every snooker fan not related to Neil Robertson, veteran Jimmy White was knocked out in the first round.

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Agents of S. I identify with Harris as a Black woman. Though hit-and-miss, the video segments about children helped by the charity always deliver a gut-punch of emotion. Throwing herself into rally driving, woodcarving and biscuit-making, her charisma brings a bit of Gaelic sparkle to the standard celebrity travelogue fare. Henry Fonda, as one of the jurors, begs his 11 colleagues to suspend judgment and look closely at the facts of the trial.

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Code-switching comes in handy; it helps people fit in and reach others from a distance. No matter how much she smiles behind that partition, there's a good chance Harris will come across to at least some Americans as yet another "angry Black woman. Concludes tomorrow.

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Both are rich, mercurial and demand to be watched in a pin-drop hush. GT The Great British Bake Off Channel tpnight, 8pm Only three episodes remain as the bakers enter dessert week, with a ature miniature cheesecake, a 17th-century technical and a showstopper of a jelly sponge cake where everything gets very messy indeed. Yet I hope an ever-growing section of America can.

There is a tremendous amount of diversity within the Black community, including political thinking and interests. Few white ge and even fewer Proud Boys will be able to relate to Sen.

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When a UN-style peacekeeping force arrives to evict them, it le to dire consequences for officer Wikus van de Merwe Sharlto Copley. Also on Wednesday at 10pm.

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he Secret Scotland with Susan Calman Channel 5, 8pm Calman cavorts around the isles of Mull and Bute in this series showing off her homeland. People of color have grown accustomed to accommodating " stereotype threat ," meaning we try to avoid situations, behaviors and styles of dress or speech that are associated with racial stereotypes. As soon as she was named to the ticket, President Donald Trump ed in, deploying his favorite taunt for powerful women who challenge him: nasty.

She concedes that history is comprised of a cacophony of voices offering competing s.

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By applying cutting-edge restoration techniques to footage shot at the time, Jackson crafted a historical portrait of matchless power, in which young souls lost in a century-old war stare out across the years and meet our gaze. Liverpool are top, but have looked uncertain since losing to Aston Villa early in the season, while City, in 10th with a game in hand, have struggled for goals in the absence of Sergio Aguero.

British star Ed Stoppard guest stars. At the end of the day, we want strong candidates who are relatable. The ghost of the title is Patrick Swayze, shot dead in a mugging near the start of the story. The stakes have been raised and all concerned seem to be raising their games along with it.

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Bryson DeChambeau, who dominated the US Open, will be aiming to leverage his considerable heft towards consecutive major titles. There are more ti, I suspect, who are offended by his steely demeanor and refusal to acknowledge basic truths in the face of ever-multiplying social, health, environmental and economic crises.

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Tonight she returns to the genre and to new wave for a special celebration, talking us through long-forgotten clips of the Ramones, John Foxx and The Damned among others. Silence is the sound of the voice of God.

Great Art ITV, Regardless of the fact that the Pence-Trump campaign opposes tongiht barriersthis distance between them couldn't be more fitting. Former first lady Michelle Obama is no stranger to this treatmentand neither am I, nor is any other Black woman working in predominantly white spaces.

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People are varied, and we can appreciate someone who seems sensitive to how the same policy affects our lives in different ways. The aim, as always, tonjght to generate an atmosphere of fun and goodwill while highlighting the lives of disadvantaged youngsters around the UK.

The Repair Shop BBC One, 8pm Among the heirlooms brought back to life tonight in the Jay Blades workshop are a miniature bicycle that earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records, a mosaic crucifix with an unusual life-saving story, and an army-issue box kite. A reminder of how entertaining Zemeckis can be as his new remake of The Witches is mauled by critics.

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What is a study in humanity as each of the jurors faces his own prejudices and emotions. The game offers a timely litmus test after patchy starts for both, and the first real insight into where the title could end up this season. Whoopi Goldberg provides comic relief. What can their VP campaigns teach us about sexism?

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For decades, American politics has been dominated by white people, most of them white men. Despite a sizzling cast that includes Will Smith, Jared Leto, a fabulously unhinged Margot Robbie and model Cara Delevingne, what should be a fun tale of superheroes behaving badly is merely an unholy mess. This uesd problematic because it represents an additional burden for people of usex who ussd constantly expected to check for and anticipate bias check, moderating ourselves in real time.

An encounter with some goatherds gives the team a major moral dilemma. This six-part thriller starts with a dizzying of plot thre, but at its heart is Lemmer James Graciea weary ex-cop now working security for smugglers in the bush. These stereotypes are used to denigrate and diminish us and our opinions about any of topics, including our own health. The Life Ahead Netflix An ageing Italian Holocaust survivor played by the splendid Sophia Loren running a day-care business forms tto unlikely friendship with a troubled and impoverished child Ibrahima Gueye just arrived from Senegal when she takes him in after he robs her.

Look out for a thrilling inspired opening performance from the pros.

The erudite Rinder gives an impromptu closing speech while standing over a mass grave in Belarus containing his murdered relatives. But I also identify with her anger.